Rachel, 21 years. I like taking photos and doing make-up, though I'm not particularly talented at either.

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Oh well hi everyone I haven’t posted anything on here in awhile. This was one of the first things I found on my hard-drive. 


We had a film shoot in a bar over the last month for a short called ‘The Bloody Cup Inn’, and Shannon and I messed around taking portraits on our breaks.
So this isn’t my photo, but here I am showing off some set design work I’ve been doing lately! 
For a short film called ‘The F Word’.
Young Blood Comedy 2012.
Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, folks! I’ve been on various film sets working lately and everything’s been crazy busy.
But hey, I’ll be back soon!
So this is exciting.
I bought a new -old- camera.
Welcome to the family, d80. Any recommendations for his name are welcome.