Rachel, 21 years. I like taking photos and doing make-up, though I'm not particularly talented at either.
Sneaky BTS shot of whatapleasantdream during our wander around Boondall Wetlands with our cameras today.

Josh. on Flickr.
Oh well hi everyone I haven’t posted anything on here in awhile. This was one of the first things I found on my hard-drive. 


We had a film shoot in a bar over the last month for a short called ‘The Bloody Cup Inn’, and Shannon and I messed around taking portraits on our breaks.
So this isn’t my photo, but here I am showing off some set design work I’ve been doing lately! 
For a short film called ‘The F Word’.
Young Blood Comedy 2012.
Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, folks! I’ve been on various film sets working lately and everything’s been crazy busy.
But hey, I’ll be back soon!